Based on Numerology, we go through nine yearly cycles. This changes every year for each one of us. To find out your yearly cycle, add your date of birth, the month of birth, and the coming year and reduce it to a single digit. See below example –
If your date of birth is 7th December:
7(date) +12 (month) + 2021 (the year ahead)
To be added like this –
7+1+2+2+0+2+1 = 15
Reduce to single-digit
1+5 = 6
So a person with this date and month of birth is going through a number 6 cycle in 2021.
This is the year of new beginnings for you. It’s the first of the nine-year cycle, and what you do this year will influence the next eight years as well. It’s the right time to start new projects, make changes, and bring new ideas into action in your life. You will get the opportunities to make new paths for yourself. It’s also a time when you let go of any past emotional baggage as you move on. Maybe focus on doing that in the first month or two, so that you can make new plans. This is the year of the self, and you will be focusing more on yourself and less on others. Relationships may take a backseat as you pursue your goals. It’s also a time for leadership and taking charge. The vibration this year brings is that of independence and liberation. This is also the start of an intuitive phase in your life, so use that intuition and combine it with self-confidence in order to create your future.
All you started in the previous year may now be manifesting beautifully for you. It’s a year of cooperation and communication with others. How well you work with others is the key to your progress. A slower pace, and attention to detail. Also a great year for research on anything. You will also find time for pursuing creative hobbies or ideas or spending time in reflection. The vibration of two brings love and romance for those who are open and may bring children into your life. You may find yourself being emotional and sensitive, and caring about others and their feelings. Not the best time to use force to gain anything, but a period of patience. Take time to enjoy the finer things in life, along with working on what is going on in your life. New things may not take off as expected, and it’s best to move with the pace. Enjoy this year of love and loving energies.
This is a year of social interaction and travel opportunities. The pace is much faster than the previous year. You get results and rewards from things you began in year one. It’s time when you make new friends, get a new wardrobe, spend money on yourself. You may find yourself celebrating something, attending social events, and entertaining more than before. There may be too many things going on at once, and there could be a danger of your energy getting scattered. Best to take any important decisions by the third quarter of the year, or be very careful if you have to before that. You will benefit personally and professionally through the social contacts you make now. An opportunity to use your communication skills, and develop writing or blogging could come up. A good year for finances, although you will spend a lot too. Travel in your country, as well as overseas, may come up. Lots of relationships for the single, but may not lead to commitments till the end of the year. Enjoy this happy year with all your newfound friends.
This is a year of dependability, responsibility, and accomplishment. The pace of life is steady and calmer, with a lot more hard work. You lay down the foundations for your future in a responsible manner. Your ideas become reality with your efforts. It is time to be more practical as you put your plans in order. Do not avoid your responsibilities even if it seems like there are no results. You will see the fruit of your labor as the year comes to an end, or by the third quarter. It’s not a year for speculation, but a good year for real estate. Avoid investing in something that promises a quick return. Money this year is in proportion to the efforts you put in. A good year to work in partnerships, or with others. You may find friendships deepening, and romance may turn into marriage or commitment. This is also the time to focus on your physical body and health. Get that exercise routine started, or go on that diet. Visit the dentist and take care of your meals. Enjoy the physical activities this year, and see your plans materializing with your efforts.
A year of changes, and most unexpected ones. New ideas and activities. Plenty of travel opportunities for those who enjoy travel. A sense of adventure as you go through these changes. You will let go of any routines or relationships which no longer feel good or serve you in any way. Look for opportunities outside your regular routines. Do not expect to make long-term plans just now, but enjoy what life is bringing to you. Learn to not only adapt, but also enjoy the change both within you and around you. Act on opportunities quickly. This is also a social year, where you may meet people who are not usually the kind of people you make friends with. A good year to take that chance on something you have always wanted to. Also, a good year to promote your personal talents. A good year for working in a group. Romance will be fast-moving and there is a chance to find a long-lasting relationship. Your ambitions keep you busy, and the vibration of five also brings luck. Enjoy this busy year!
This is the year of personal relationships and your focus will be on the important people in your life. Changes in family and home life bring responsibilities and obligations, to which you adjust easily. You may connect with long lost friends, or see more of your relatives, and spend more time around your house. A year for emotional stability and understanding of people in your life. You may see problems but will have the ability to deal with them. There may be some financial constraints, especially regarding the home. Others around you could make some unexpected decisions, and you may have to deal with them with patience and understanding. Families come closer as they resolve things together. Marriage ties deepen, and there could be plans to have children too. Not the best period to indulge in any frivolous or non-serious relationships. Avoid taking impulsive decisions. Enjoy taking the time to understand your dear ones this year, and feel emotionally fulfilled.
This is a year of self-development and inner awareness. You will spend more time alone than in the company of others and may do some serious soul-searching. It’s also an excellent time for studies or learning a new skill. You have a lot of wisdom now, and you will benefit from well-thought-out decisions. Not a very social year for you, but a year where you may spend time in being the artist or the philosopher. Use your intuition, which will be enhanced this year and does not take everything on its face value. The seven vibration is of perfection, and you may refine your skills or may work on the plans that have been ongoing in your life for the last six years. Completion of projects and goals which may have begun in the past. A need to let go of any past mistakes which you may have made, and stop being self-critical. You may travel to quiet places which bring peace and solitude. Spiritual development. Enjoy this year where you fine-tune yourself and bring about the inner change.
A powerful year for material benefits. You will get lots of opportunities to make money. The focus will be on financial and material gains. Take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that come your way. You get recognition for past efforts now. Past investments pay off. The eight vibration brings the power to overcome any obstacles or setbacks. Any money problems can be sorted now. An active year, both physically and mentally. You will feel your power and be in control of your life, so it’s important to remain positive and on the right track. You may feel impatient with others who cannot keep up with your speed. However, take time to help those slower than you. Eight is also the symbol of infinity, which will bring unending possibilities and opportunities for you. A good year for business. A very busy year, where you will be abundant in all areas of your life. Enjoy this abundant year!
A year of completion. You may realize now, that many things in your life have outlived their usefulness. A year of endings as well, as you gear up for new beginnings in the next year of the one cycle. Some relationships may end, both personal and professional. You may find yourself tying up loose ends. You may even find yourself being emotional as you bring about these changes. A period where the difference may be cleared up in romance and marriages, where you let go of any responsibilities which are not really yours. Problems in relationships get resolved, or the relationships fade away. You may complete projects and achieve a lot in the first part of the year. However, it’s not the best time to begin new projects. You may also be in a position to pay back others who have helped you in the past. As this cycle comes to an end, some of you may even plan a new and different way of life. Enjoy the feeling of completion and moving on this year!