Crystals and Crystal Healing

Crystals and Crystal Healing

Crystals have been on earth long before human civilization and today, quartz crystals are being used in science and technology in various areas. Crystals are a great help in alternate healing. They help change the vibration of a person, or a room or a space where they are placed. They help remove blocks created due to beliefs, or any negative energy. They give protection from psychic attacks. They also help those inclined to connect to the divine energy and are an excellent tool for meditation.

Keep the crystal with you, on your person. This could be in the form of jewellery , or in your pocket. Which crystals to wear or carry will depend on what your intention is. However, sometimes just the vibration of a particular crystal makes one feel good, and it’s a good idea to just enjoy this vibration.

Sleep with the crystal at night. This could be placing it under your pillow, or next to you as you sleep at night. This could help with some health problems, and with sleeping better. Some popular crystals for this are amethyst, selenite and black tourmaline.

Place the crystals in a room, or any area. Crystals give out vibrations, and depending on the vibration you wish for in an area, these may be placed on your work table, or your bedside, or even as decor in your living room , lobby or work place.

Amethyst works very well as decor, citrine and green aventurine are great for work areas, black tourmaline and some others are good for removing negativity. Rose quartz brings harmony and so on. What you choose is an individual personal choice.

While constructing a home or a building, crystals can be buried or placed at strategic points for protection, abundance and harmony.

Some crystals like kynaite and selenite can be used for cleansing your own aura or your body’s energy by brushing your aura with them. Use crystals to activate your body chakras. This could simply happen by placing the correct crystal on the chakras and relaxing or meditating.

Make a crystal grid. A grid can be made for an individual, or can be made to protect a property or a home too. Again, this can be as simple as placing our names / pictures or intentions under one central crystal, surrounded by others to direct the energy on the central one. Or it could be a little more complicated based on the energies of sacred geometry.

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