Nita Aunty!! I call her the coolest person around. Extremely accurate and a very positive. She guides you through and through. Totally calm and compose. Thank you aunty for being such an angel

Simrat Choudhary

Nita's readings have a positive effect and I look forward to reading them daily

Usha Sathyan

I have been following Nita's page for a while now and have interacted with her quite a few times. There is so much of positivity around her that it automatically gets transmitted to you. She is not pushy or judgemental. Her readings and guidance are insightful, genuine, practical and clear. Her card of the day is the first thing that I check in the morning. One thing that I would really recommend is the Family constellation workshop that she conducts. It is truly magical. It is very difficult to describe the experience. There are so many things that come up in the Family constellation that it truly amazes you. We all have certain issues in our lives...the family constellation gives you an amazing insight to the source of the problems and how to resolve it. It is a very emotional experience and in the process your healing takes place. The first shift in energy that takes place immediately after the workshop is the way you perceive a situation or a person which in turn is the start for the bigger changes that are to take place and rest assured the change do happen.

Nita it is truly a pleasure to know you and interact with you. Stay blessed always.

Priya Bhardwaj Malhotra

Ur readings are very uplifting

Renu Khemani

Her predictions are so accurate. Many a times, whatever she has predicted has happened in past or nearly happens in future. I have always obtained so much positivity by reading her posts. Thankyou Ma’am for all the love you have showed.

Neha Khirwadkar Gautam

It is always an excellent experience meeting Nita Mehta aunty who is one of the most genuine and positive person I have ever met. She provides the right guidance and direction whenever you need it. Her guidance and advice has always proven to be beneficial for me. Her readings are always accurate and lead one in the right direction. She is a guiding angel who I want to thank for always being there!!

Judy K

I believe that if you question the direction of your life when you are frustrated and broken... the whole Universe helps you find the answer to it.

I will never forget this day because today was the day I embarked for a positive transformation path.. As I met this lovely woman who not only listened to me with patience, but also gave me all the answers that I needed to hear & also motivated me to let go of all that I have been accumulating for a long time.

I was awestruck with her accurate readings of my past and I positively feel the same for the future that she has predicted.

I look forward to a long journey with you by my side and now I know what I need to do to save myself and transform my life.

You are my Guru from today and I shall always seek your blessings in my life. Thank you for your precious time. You have no idea how you changed my vision.

May God bless you with all the strength to deal with more people like us and change their lives for better.

Mousumi Saha

Most of the readings are so similar to the events happening in my life & she gives a clear picture of the issue.

Chitra Koppikar

I have been taking readings from Nita regularly since two years. Morning first thing that comes to my mind is to check FB not for other posts but for day guidance card she posts. It gives me a clear direction for my day an now it has become a ritual. Her readings are so accurate and they are always true for me. The directions she gives during her reading are most valuable. If I’ve been stuck into something, msg her and she replies patiently. She is amazing. Lots of Love and Light Nita. Keep guiding people like me.

Sushmita Aduri

I visited Nita aunty for the first time around 3 years back, and have never looked back ever since. Her readings are precise, comprehensive and well-thought of. She believes in putting across the readings in a calming manner, never making one feel helpless about a difficult situation. Alongside reading, she guides and instills a deep sense of positivity in one's mind, which really helps to alter the approach to life's problems.

One of the things I appreciate most in her is the fact that she refrains from acting pricey, and has always been there when I have needed some guidance or an ear to listen.

Thanks, aunty, for all your support. May God bless you abundantly..

Kriti Seth Khanna

Hi Nita. I met you in 2015. You have made such a positive impact on me. You may not remember me but i will remember you for the rest of my life. I am grateful to god and humbly pray that you are blessed with best health and happiness for all times to come. Stay blessed always!

Jaya Bhargav Trehan

I participated in family constellation workshop with Nita few months back, it was such a positive experience. Found it to be a very powerful medium. Would recommend it to everyone!

Rashmi Singh

I find peace in reading her posts every morning

Priya Bhanupriya

I have interacted with Neeta twice. She is a very positive person who always helps you. Interacting with her for the second time shows how she wins over people with her helpful, positive and motivational outlook. God bless you

Neelam Ksangroy

I got a reading done with Nita last year on an impulse and my life took a turn after that & it took on a flow of its own and has taken me down the path I remain grateful to you, dear friend!

Tanu Grover Acharya

I met Nita Ma'am first and a year back when she gave me the first reading. She is such warm person & has expertise in her work which makes u feel comfortable. Her aura is so amazing that u feel like u r talking someone close. Thanks for being there Nita Di

Deepshikha Galhotra

Apart from the tarot readings which are accurate, I also availed the grid making from Nita. It really really helped me. And I would recommend it to other people for sure.

Abhilasha Ratna Padhy

Nita is a perfect human and a perfect reader. She not only guides you but also enquires about the problems you have been facing. I’m a big fan of hers. Thankyou Nita for including us in your family.

Ruchi Mehrotra Dutta

I was going through a traumatic phase for a very long time. Didn’t know how to handle my situation. I took a reading from Nita ji & she guided me in a very positive manner. Her understanding of my situation was absolutely correct. In fact ever since i spoke to her, i have started seeing things from a different perspective. Lots of regard for her positivity & non-judgemental approach..thanks Nita ji. Hope for more guidance from you always.

Beenu Bawa

I had my first reading with Nita four years back and it still stands vividly in my mind because things I could not fathom rolled out exactly as she had said. Thanks Nita for the readings that u do and the person that u are

Simrat Gill Grewal

Just love her positive vibes the most!! Apart from her tarot reading which was accurate, she always helps everyone to stay positive and self motivated!!

Milli Kaushik

Excellent work. I have got it done 4 times & it is always to the point. Thanks for helping us

Rittue Mehta

A personal reading that I took 3 months ago helped me gain clarity on certain issues and things got so much easier. The accuracy of the reading amazed me as well. Thank you so much.

Arundhuti S. Rama

She is a wonderful person. Her readings are bang on. It was my first interaction with her today and I am feeling blessed.

Shilpe Sarin Chopra

I was introduced to Nita at a time in my life when I had many questions and no direction... she restored my faith in the feeble voice that came from within me. Her readings give me goosebumps, as they are always so accurate for me. I believe that it works with the trust and faith that I have in her. She's an amazing person who's willing to go out of her way to support. I always come back feeling positive and clearer. Thank you Nita for being that guiding light!

Dil S

She is just too good! She made me believe in Karma and why things are destined to happen. I developed faith in what was written for me and now I am working in that direction! Believe me I see a change!

Sukriti Varma

I have had 2 sittings with Mrs Mehta and believe you me she has changed my prospective in the second one, 1 st one I was 30% sure of her but the second one she was bang on from the first 10 cards. She asked me to pull out it was as if she was reading my mind, even the first one made me change my prospective about people and life. Keep up the great work you are absolutely genuine tarot reader in today fake world. God bless.

Ashish Arora

Today for the first time in my life I got my cards read. And! I would say my experience with madam was very satisfactory and positive. I would recommend her for sure.

Sameer Sharma

Nita is a superb human being and a very good Tarot reader. She is one of the few readers who take time out to inquire about your problems even in a free reading. My trust in her grows because of this. I wish her all the best always. She is truly special.

Ruchi Dutta

I have been a regular follower of her posts & readings on the social platform & have always found them very positive and I encouraged my friends & family also to follow her. She carries a positive attitude and is very inspirational. Most of the times I have found her readings to be apt and true. Thanks for bringing the positivity in our lives!!!

Arundhatii Grover Jain

I had got a reading from Nita couple of months back. Her reading was of course bang on but what was really nice about Nita's reading was that instead of just predicting she was also guiding and showing the direction. A very warm, friendly and extremely positive person.

Deepa Gowda

Thank you so much. . . I will come again for another reading. Thank you so much again

Honey Verma

Get so much positivity from her readings. I look forward to your daily post. Keep up the good work

Charu Mathur

Nita is a respectful and honest person. She gives back to the people also by ways of healing grids etc. for free.


Listing really helped me locate a nice tarot reader near my place. She is excellent and I got counselling on phone.

Sharad Rohatgi

Excellent and very good readings. I would highly recommend this motivational lady.

Neha Patil

The reading was a wonderful experience.Thanks a lot.

Deepika B


thetathastoo com -तथास्तु

I just look forward to ur messages.. Bring so much positivity Thanks for guidance

Akansha Arora

She's so inspiring and I recommend her to all.

Kangan Jain

Exellent experience. Would highly recommend a reading.

Rajiv Mehta

My constellation was specifically done on 'lack of financial abundance'.
For this, it was amazing how she traced back my origin to my grandfather and my ancestors who had to leave their riches and move to India during the partition. She worked with me on a beautiful ancestral healing module, a brief meditation that helped seek forgiveness and abundant blessings from my entire ancestral family, which was instantly transmitted not only to me but also my immediate family.

I also got a huge sense of closure knowing that my late dad was 'happy', at 'peace' and had moved on. This was my biggest worry ever since I lost him. It finally gave me closure and I could consciously stop grieving and I will always be thankful to her for this.

Post the workshop, the last 3 months, have been truly fun-filled, adventurous and so overwhelming with opportunities and abundance for me, both personally and professionally. I have experienced a true sense of happiness, love, calmness and a sense of being with my immediate family and extended family without being genuinely concerned about finances.

In Oct, I connected with a long lost 'soul sister' out of nowhere. It was magical.
In Nov, I received a lead from my family of some random people who sent us pictures and videos of our ancestral lost home in Pakistan.

Dec was blessed with training opportunities and wonderful warm family moments.
Have had many experience and so many opportunities that have presented themselves in uncanniness ways


I felt Nita was such a fantastic facilitator, and handled the energies in a sensitized and calm fashion that everyone was feeling at ease. It flowed effortlessly! Nita gave every single person a chance and each person was respected. No one felt their issue was too trivial. :) There must have been a reason we all came together for this collective healing !!! I do believe there has been a tremendous shift in energy.. Blocks lifting :)


Nita!! I do not think i would be able to describe my experience in words. It was truly amazing :). The workshop was such a beautiful experience; I was freed of all negative thoughts / feelings. After the workshop , I got a new job for which i was trying for the last 4 years and believe me the offer which i got is absolutely killing... Please do visit Nita, she is an amazing guide, counsellor...


A short note to say a big thank you Nita Mehta for the Family Constellation. I have benefited deeply. I am feeling so much lighter and easier inside like a burden has dissolved. I so appreciate your insight into the work , and your facilitation of it. I am truly blessed to have been present in your workshop. Thank You for making sure that no one is left with a heavy heart and supporting us even beyond the workshop. People may not admit but changes do happen. You are simply amazing.


Today was the day which I have been waiting for so long. I had my first reading with Nita !!! The reading was very much accurate and I felt as if she already know me in person and know everything that is happening with me... Thanks a lot Nita and really appreciate for your time, listening to me, for your patience and guidance.

Meenal B.

Dear Nita ji, I truly thank you and bless you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful interactive session that we had on Skype today. You gave me an insight and guidelines of all that is coming and not coming in the next one year in my life. I felt very connected with you and felt that the session was very practical. I am eager to receive the new changes and will keep you updated, i am a big fan of yours and thank you once again for guiding me through.

sha R

Nita aunty is a wonderful person!! I happened to visit her at a point in my life where I was feeling the lowest ever. Didn't have any direction regarding the future course of actions. Apart from her accurate predictions, she actually proved to be a healer and became an instant confidant. She is so crisp n precise that the confusions in our mind just melt away, and we tend to see life with a positive outlook. She can't change what our destiny has in store for us, but can prepare us to face it with an open heart. Would always pray for the well being of this kind and genuine lady. Love you aunty.

PS- She doesn't market herself!! Rather you'll yourself be compelled to visit her again.

Will stay in touch aunty
Varsha S.

My interaction with Nita the tarot reader actually led me to believe in this art or science. Her ability to guide you and knowledge is impressive. Worth a chit chat with her. I am sure anyone who meets her will gain something.

Sunil sethi
VH Fashions

I Think We all go through moments in our life where our mind is cloudy, our confidence in self belief wavers, and intuition has gone for a walk... Nita Aunty's reading of my cards was really helpful and guidance was very reassuring, she showed me with much patience a new perspective of my cloudy thoughts. For me, I personally felt she did not judge the situation or the thoughts and looked at the cards for all the positivity that they could offer for my life ahead and for all the things i should expect and take in my stride with a pinch of calm... A Very Patient and warm person to share your fears with J! A reading is a Must when you need that little 'feel good factor'

Suhani Mahajan

Help does come to you when you most need it, you only have to ask. I heard of Nita Mehta at a time when I needed her the most. Since then it has not only been a pleasure to know her but turning to her for professional help has been a natural choice.

Her on- the- dot tarot readings, healing sessions and guidance on both personal and financial matters has helped me smoothen and sort out issues with little effort, leaving a more positive and stronger person. I wish her continued luck in helping more and more people through her sessions, we could do better with more people like her.

Best wishes always
Supriya Sobti

Thank you for transforming my life because of ur healing and suggested remedies from the card reading. Due to your guidance I could change my view point and things started happening in a positive way. Your advice to treat life in a pure simple logical way is that one can easily understand , with your help and with affirmations to write i started thinking that ways only. Just to qoute one line"problems to hain sabke sath bas nazariye ki hai baat" Thanks for changing my vision thanks for guidance.

Love and Regards

Nita is most impressive. She has a quiet, careful demeanour that encompasses compassion and courtesy for others. Nita is extremely good at what she does and only one healing session with her not only healed me but helped me attract what I was trying for months without success through her spiritual guidance. My biggest reward however has been the lesson in forgiveness that Nita showed me and talked to me about. I am indebted to this kind and good soul. All this was achieved in only two sessions. I wish Nita good luck with her work and may she continue to heal and help people as she is truly gifted.

Tanya Seth Soota

I have known Nita didi for a while, but went to her for consultation the first time in July 2011, and since then I continue to go back to her not only because she has been very accurate and helpful, but she gives her readings with compassion and warmth. I contacted her every time I have been in a super confused state and did not see clearly and each time she understood my situation well and provided me with the right and gentle guidance I needed. Her readings have been very helpful in many areas of my life. And anytime I have questions I know that I can count on her to help me put things into perspective, and to give me guidance. Infact am doing things she has asked me to do....

Thank you so much
Best wishes and love