Tarot Card Reading

All about Tarot Card Reading, what you should and how one should interpret Tarot Reading. You may have some questions about Tarot Card and Tarot Card Reading...

What is Tarot Card Reading and how it works?

Tarot Card Reading is a very powerful tool to get the insights of your inner self and your life. With better insights you came to know about your strength and weakness and can act accordingly. Tarot Card Reading can tell lot about you and the phase you are going through. However, it can’t take decisions but can help you opt for the best option.

The term "Tarot" is derived from the Italian word "tarrocchi" and the first distinct Tarot decks were developed in 1410 and 1430 in the Italian cities of Milan, Ferrera or Bologna and so, Tarot cards have been around since the 15th century and are still one of the world’s most common ways of peeping into the future.

Tarot is one of the oldest forms of fortune telling known to man. A tarot deck is a deck of usually 78 cards that is used by tarot reader. Depending on the type of tarot reading that you want to have, like it could be a question for example, “Is this the best time to start my own business” or “Is this the right time to get married” and it could be an open ended question for eg. “Nothing is working in my work life. Please give guidance.” or “I want to know about my career / love life”. The reader will consult the cards to answer your questions. The Tarot Reader shuffles the deck while concentrating on you or the question that you asked, cuts the deck and lays out a spread by laying out a certain number of cards. Tarot Card Reader flips the cards and will tell you what the cards possibly mean for you.

You don't have to be a believer in tarot to get the benefit from a reading but after getting a reading from an expert tarot reader you will become a strong believer. No one knows or was not able to explain why the cards are able to give guidance about the future but that is sure that it works well with in the hands of someone who knows how to use them and connect with the divine source through them.

“Tarot Supports and shows you the key for the doors you want to open. It gives you direction.”

Everyone has an issue in their lives they need support for. Sometimes it may seem that there is no solution to the problem but with the help of the tarot reading you may have the answer to the problem and the key to open that door that shows you the right direction.

One should have a reading done at least twice in a year as the reader can help you get an outlook on the things to come and relevant actions that you may need to take to prevent any unfortunate happening.

It is best to avoid a repeat reading for the same issue for at least three months.

How should I interpret the Tarot Reading or What a Tarot Reading can do for me?

Get a Tarot Reading . Get Insights . Take hold of your Life. Change your perception.

A Tarot reading gives you a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of reading, as cards tune into the energy of the person who is asking the question to give a picture of his/her patterns of behavior, obstacles, weakness and strengths. A reading can inform you, where you stand now, where you've come from, what you want, and guidance for how to get it.

As per you strengths and weaknesses tarot gives suggested actions to take and a likely outcome if you take them. With the help of reading you have better insight and are better equipped to make decisions and take action that is in line with your interests, growth and development. Tarot may not always predict future but it helps you make it better by small changes in your perception.

A tarot reading guides you to make the changes you want to make. A reading offers you to take an honest look at your situation, and can give you key information that may help you create the life and future of your choice. It is advisable that all pros and cons

be weighed before taking any decision. Tarot shows you the pros and cons of all options to help in making making any choice.

A tarot reading is not an alternate to a medical treatment, diagnosis, legal consultation, financial matters, psychological problems etc., but it gives you deeper understanding of the problem and a divine solution to it from your inner self. You can say that reading helps you listen, your inner voice which will help you to come out of the problem. As mentioned earlier all the solutions lies within us but sometime needs help of the professional to read it and that is what a good experienced tarot reader does.

For example, financial adviser is the right person to take care of your financial problems but tarot reader will guide you about your relationship with money and what money represent to you and will also check the pattern and then will guide you accordingly. This knowledge will help you from getting into the same trouble again down the line. Now, you will act accordingly to handle the immediate problem externally, and on the inner level you will be adjusting your attitude towards the money matters.

Tarot card reading can give you lasting solution to you problems and can change the way you look towards your life. The tarot is not always for direct “YES” or “NO” and also does not provide you with exact dates of events or location but is excellent with sequence of events. For eg. If you ask, "When will I get a job?" The reading will not say, "Tuesday, 18th the year 2014", but it will show you what needs to happen, be changed, or be adjusted before you are ready for the job. The cards tune into the whole of your life, disclosing important steps you can take to achieve your targets & of course, you must be willing to take these steps.

In summary, tarot reading is to get the insight of hidden factors of a problem, ideas about how to deal with your problem/dilemma, and hope that you don't have to remain "stuck" wherever you are. After the tarot reading session you are aware with the answers of the deeper questions that you weren’t even aware you wanted the answers of. Tarot card reading gives you spiritual guidance that will help you on your chosen path. You will be empowered to help yourself create a more satisfying and fulfilling life. This is all what a Tarot reading can do for you.

Is Tarot Card Reading a Prediction about future and which is the better way to get the best out of Tarot Reading session?

No, tarot card reading not really meant to tell your fortune or future. It can give you guidance for the future based on your life now. As mentioned earlier all the source of answers are from within as it is the most powerful source of information and the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self."

This section will teach you the better way to ask the questions to get the best outcome from the Tarot Card Reading sessions:

Types of Readings

There are two types of Tarot readings: Question Readings (deals with a specific question) and Open Readings (reveal some facts, patterns in life and solution to major problems).

Question Readings

In question readings, you are interested in answer to a specific question. Tarot Card Reading can be used for specific “yes” or “no” to questions but it is advised not to make decisions based on this. Instead the tarot reading should be used as a guide to help you make the decision by yourself. Tarot can help you weigh the pros and cons of two sides of a decision. Tarot evaluates your relationship with the things, checks the pattern and informing you about the outcome, which helps you get the better understanding about your exact position and make you well equipped to handle the situation.

  • Keep yourself open for options: If you already have the answer before the reading, then you're not allowing the cards to guide your overall decision. Let the cards speak about you instead of giving an option in your question. In this way you are restricting you scope of answer and better understanding of the problem.

  • Keep it short and focused: Always keep your question focused rather than making it lengthy. Try to find a way to look more broadly at the situation instead of looking at one particular aspect of a problem. For example, rather than asking how you can make your life less chaotic, ask how you can balance married life and professional life. That is a focused question. But do not go so far as to ask how you can coordinate meetings, corporate party etc. and still have family time - that's too detailed.

  • Keep yourself in focus: Always keep the focus on yourself if the reading is for you. Means, question should be related to you keeping you in center instead of focusing on someone else. For example, asking “why your boss is not happy with your performance no matter how good you achieve” the right question would be “why am I not getting the desired appreciation even after achieving the good results” brings the focus of the question back to you.

  • Be neutral: Never ask the questions that convey a preconceived notion that your view is necessarily the right one, instead your question has to be neutral to stay open to other points of view. The cards can guide you if you ask for it.

  • Be positive: Always try to ask the question keeping the positive aspect upfront. For example, Instead of asking “Why I am not able to achieve in Business” you should ask “What should I do to achieve in Business”. The way the question is asked can change the reading to an extent. Positive questions attract positive vibes.

Open Readings

Open readings relates to the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question. Entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, starting new career or starting a family is the matter when you need this kind of Tarot Reading. Yes, you can be specific in that matter too and can direct the reading if you have a general area you want to cover, such as your marriage or health.

Is Online Tarot Card Reading effective?

Yes, online tarot card reading is as effective and reliable as the conventional method and comes with the ease of getting the reading without moving from your place. read more...