Very often we feel heavy or sad due to no reason, and even when we think about it we cannot identify why we are feeling this heaviness, or sadness or even a sense of fatigue. The reason could simply be the negative energy accumulated in your aura. It’s very normal for each of us to accumulate what we call negative energy in the aura, which in turn affects us.

You may want to read what is Aura.

For those who do not understand what the Aura is, let me explain. The aura is like an energy cloud surrounding us, and our body is submerged in it. The aura is kept in balance by the vertices called chakras.

 As we go through our emotions in a day, or in a month, we could store those emotions in the aura or our etheric body. We must remember that all diseases begin from our emotional state, and the aura gets affected much before our physical body. 

So how do we clean the aura? And can anyone do this? Yes! Each of us can take care of our own aura cleansing.

 Aura cleansing by salt : 

The first and one of the easiest ways to cleanse the aura is by the use of natural salt. Salt is usually found on a seabed and is later refined by adding chemicals. The salt we are referring for cleansing here is in the natural state, without chemicals.  If sea salt is not available, we can use Himalayan rock salt too. One can use this salt water to rinse our body, or simply sprinkle it around in the room. Take a dip or a swim in the sea if you live somewhere close to the sea too. Doing this once a week is an excellent way to keep our auras positive and clean. However, if feeling low and tired, it’s a good idea to do it more often.


 Aura Cleansing with Herbs : 

The second way to clean our aura is by use of herbs like sage and rosemary. Get some dried sage and burn it in a vessel with a handle. Once the flame is put out, we can experience a lot of smoke coming out of the vessel or use sage sticks.  The term used for this process is “smudging“. Sage is also sold in the form of bundled sticks, which can be used in the same way. The sage smoke must be taken around our body slowly like we are making an outline of our body a few inches away from the skin for the aura to be cleansed. Be careful though, as it can burn if touched on the body. This can be done once a week as well.

 Aura Cleansing with Crystals : 

The third way is to use crystals to cleanse your aura. There are some crystals used specifically for this purpose only. Blue kyanite is the most commonly used. We can also use black kyanite or selenite for aura cleansing. One option is to wear it on your person in the form of a bracelet or a pendant. The other way is to brush the aura using the crystal you have chosen. Hold the crystal in your hand about 3 inches away from your skin and move it in one direction like you brush your hair. Continue to do this around your whole body.

The salt is easy to use, and anyone can do it once you have sourced the salt. The sage and the kyanite or selenite may be a little difficult and if you cannot manage, take the help of a friend. Happy cleansing!