Tarot cards give us answers based on what we are going through at the time the reading has been taken. A skillful reader can easily give us answers to most queries. One of the common questions asked in a tarot reading is about health. Health, however, is something most tarot card readers cannot go deep into. Should Tarot be used to predict health issues?

 Our health is literally in our hands. We fully and completely control our physical wellbeing. 

I believe that each health issue comes with an emotion or rather begins because of an emotion. As we bury that emotion instead of facing it, our health gets affected.

During a reading, the tarot card reader can most definitely identify the area of concern or the state of health.

To predict regarding recovery from an illness or the progress of a disease may not be possible.

The reason for that is, that health patterns change with our state of emotions. If we identify our negative or sensitive emotions and let the anger/resentment / other negative emotion go, we can most definitely improve our physical health.

If at the time of the reading the seeker is in a negative frame of mind, we may get a progression of the disease rather than regression. This when conveyed to him or her, may work negatively.

To conclude, I would like to say:

  • Tarot cards can be used to see if a person is in a state of good health or poor health.
  • If we do get a health issue, the seeker must be advised to see a medical practitioner.
  • But, to predict if the person will recover from a certain illness or disease may not be the best idea.
  • A good reader will identify the emotions behind the illness and ask the person concerned to work on them for best results.